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LLCC Policy on Service Animals and Emotional Support Animals


Some people attending our courses recently have noticed a dog in some of our classrooms. LLCC needs to take a position on whether this is appropriate.


U.S. and California law allows persons with disabilities to bring trained service dogs and trained psychiatric service dogs to all public places. Several different California laws set out the rights of people with disabilities who use animals to assist them.  LLCC welcomes people who have service animals to bring their dogs with them to our classes and other events.

Many individuals—both with and without disabilities—derive emotional support and comfort from dogs and other animals that are not specially trained to perform specific tasks directly related to a physical or psychiatric disability.

The Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) considers such “emotional support animals” to be distinct from trained service dogs, and treats them differently. The ADA does not grant emotional support dog owners the same right of access to public places that it gives to individuals who use trained service dogs. That means that under the ADA, an organization that offers courses to the general public, for example, must allow trained service dogs to accompany their owners into the classroom but can refuse to admit individuals with emotional support dogs.


LLCC  does not allow people who have emotional support animals or other pets to bring their animals with them to our classes and other events.

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It's time to renew your membership or become an LLCC member for the

first time!

We have decided to celebrate our seven-year success with "$20 for ’20" special rates next year. It is an opportunity for us to give something back to everyone who has supported us over the years.

For the year 2020, we are reducing the minimum contribution that you need to make to become an LLCC member from $25 to $20.  Also for the year 2020, we are reducing the per-session cost of a course for members from $5 to $4. 

LLCC memberships are annual. They begin in January and end in December.  You will need a new 2020 password to get a discount on courses that are being offered in 2020.  We will email the new password to you once you become a 2020 member.

A single tax deductible membership contribution of $20 or more makes you part of an exciting learning community and gives you a chance to take our courses at a substantial discount. Go to our Membership page for information about how to become a member.  


Most of our courses cost $4 each session for members or $10 each session for non-members.


Please be aware that our memberships are individual, not family memberships.  You must be a member yourself to use a password to take advantage of the member discount.  


Just click on the Membership tab near the top of the page to become a LLCC member online using PayPal or a major credit card.   Of course, you can still become a member through the mail by sending a check.  If you do send a check, please also send an email to to let us know.  That we we can send you the password for course discounts as soon as possible. As a member, you are entitled to register for courses for a substantially lower cost.

New Mayo Clinic Study Finds That Being Intellectual, Studying and Lifelong Learning  Might Prevent  or Delay Dementia

Challenging the mind early with education and stimulating work and later in life with reading, socializing and computer use may help keep it thinking clearly into old age, according to new research. A lifetime engaging in intellectually stimulating pursuits may significantly lower your risk for dementia in your golden years. Even people with relatively low educational and professional achievements can gain protection against late life dementia if they adopt a mentally stimulating lifestyle, reading and playing music and games.


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