The Pros and Cons of the 2022 California Propositions on the Ballot - Ed Cabrera

Thursday, September 15 -- 12:00 pm - 2:00pm

SLO Senior Center

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California leads the nation every year in the number of propositions offered to its voters for a decision. The bulky pamphlet sent to residents offers a challenge to even the most seasoned citizen. Why is that? In 1907, the progressive Lincoln-Roosevelt League of Republican Clubs elected several of their candidates to the state legislature. Once elected, these legislators worked for a bill to require the nomination of party candidates through primary election rather than the backroom deals of state party conventions. The bill passed, and the League's 1910 gubernatorial candidate, Hiram Johnson, ran in the state's first primary election. Johnson won the primary and the general election and swept dozens of other reformers into the legislature on his political coattails.

Johnson and the new Progressive majority in the legislature made the most sweeping governmental changes ever seen in the history of California. Among these were the introduction of initiative, referendum, and recall at both the state and local levels. Voters ratified these amendments in a special election on October 10, 1911. So Californians, more than any other U.S. citizens, get to participate in direct democracy.

To get you prepared for your participation, Ed Cabrera will compare and contrast the different type of propositions available in the state, and will take you through a close examination of the propositions on the 2022 ballot. He will share the discussion of both sides of issues and identify who are their respective supporters. When available, Ed will identify, too, the money involved in the individual battles. Finally, Ed will discuss the repercussions of any decisions the voters may make in November. Ed Cabrera taught at Atascadero High School and, before that, at Perris High School (in Southern California). He also coached numerous sports and advised even more clubs in his career spanning 4 decades. His previous classes covered a diverse set of topics such as The Electoral College, Hong Kong, 1919 and Immigration. Ed is also our I.T specialist and a member of our board of directors.

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