Bittersweet: How Sugar Changed the Modern World -- Dick Miller

Wednesday, December 14, 2022 10:30am - 12:30pm, SLO Library Community Room

$5 for LLCC Members $10 for Others

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Over the last six centuries sugar has built and toppled empires, energized capitalism, poisoned race relations, and wrecked human health while it brought us untold pleasure and seduced our very language of praise and affection. Sugar connects the dots between Islam and the West, Wedgwood china and Starbucks, pop music and sexism, sweetness and power, Capt. Crunch and Black lives Matter.

Sugar raises endless historical questions. This single session, two hour course will explore three: how sweetness got us hooked, how sugar-driven slavery way back then still shapes race relations here and now, and why monopolistic Big Sugar is such a potent force in domestic and international affairs.

For this class, at the instructor's request, all attendees and volunteers are required to wear masks (covering their nose and mouth) in all areas of the venue and throughout the class.

Dick Miller is an academic in recovery who frequently takes and teaches LLCC courses.

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