Creston Cemetery- Green Burial Then and Now -- Baxley Andresen

Wednesday, November 9, 2022 1pm - 3pm Mt. Carmel Lutheran Church, SLO

$5 for LLCC Members $10 for Others

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Here's a class that will help you determine if a green burial is for you. You will learn how you can arrange to have a green burial if you or a loved-one pass. Find out what happens from a death to a burial in this alternative way of disposition.

Flame cremation and burial have been the main ways of disposition in the western world. In the United states, the way burials were handled started shifting during the civil war when people wanted to bring home their dead soldiers. There have been several styles and shifts in cemeteries since then, though in the last thirty years, we’ve seen a resurgence of natural burial, and in the last ten years, a renaissance of newer technologies of how to handle our dead and their remains. Whether you want to become a diamond or be buried at sea or have a huge monument, know your options, and make a choice that reflects you.

Of all the options available today in your state and locally, green burial is closer than you think. In fact, several cemeteries in San Luis Obispo county offer this.

Baxley Andresen is the co-owner and manager of Creston Cemetery, and has been a part of its revamping as a natural burial cemetery for both full body burial and cremated remains since 2021.

Creston Cemetery has been around since 1887. Many of the names seen on the tombstones can be found in the locally created history books written about the early European settlers, and how they made their home there. It's a good guess that natural burial was how they handled their dead back then, and it’s how families and loved ones are now treated at Creston Cemetery. Come learn about those settlers of the past, and who the new owners are, and why natural burial is a beautiful and righteous choice for your final act and discover why the new owners choose to go Green.

Baxley Andresen is a puppet artist, voice actor, and natural burial cemeterian. As an educator, she has taught puppet performance and building methods through the Los Angeles Natural History Museum. While working in the entertainment industry in Los Angeles, she found herself needing something more rewarding, and started volunteering at The Arboretum, learning about water conservation and botany. She completed her Horticulture Certificate at UCLA, combining a love of plants and land conservation with death. In 2021, she discovered a pioneer cemetery in Central California and partnered with Destination Destiny to revitalize it as a natural burial cemetery. Baxley serves as Vice President of the Green Burial Council.

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