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Elder Tales: A Different Narrative for Aging - Berta Parrish & Kathryn Makeyev

Thursday, October 26 & November 2, 2023 1:00pm - 3:00pm

Two-Session Course

Odd Fellows Hall, SLO

$10 for LLCC Members $20 for Others

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Once upon a time in lands far away, the power of storytelling and the magic of fairy tales were combined with the wisdom of the archetypal elder.

Elder Tales challenge our Western cultural myth that aging is a time of decline and loss. In contrast, these mythic stories tell of resourceful, independent, creative, and respected older protagonists who provide better models for our grandchildren as well as psychological perspective for us. They depict the sage’s quest for self-transcendence and contain elements of humor, suspense, drama, and inspiration.

This is a two-session course.

At the first session you will be presented several Elder Tales to introduce their common literary elements and symbolic motifs.

At the second session, you will analyze and interpret several short tales in collaborative small groups to gain the personal insights and lessons of each tale.

An annotated bibliography of related books will be distributed for further discovery and enjoyment of the ageless wisdom revealed in these tales.

Berta Parrish, Ed.D., certified Conscious Aging Facilitator and retired college professor, has a strong background in Archetypal Psychology. Her book Wise Woman’s Way: A Guide to Growing Older with Purpose and Passion offers the initiatory experience to elderhood that our culture needs, yet lacks.

Kathryn Makeyev, Ph.D. in Mythological Studies, is the author of In the Green Room, a myth of reincarnation.

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