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The Grace of Challenge and Change - Steve Willey & Dr. Loren Acord

Tuesday, February 21, 2023 10am - 12pm United Methodist Church, SLO

$5 for LLCC Members $10 for Others

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Loren D. Acord, a noted Clinical Neuropsychologist, and Steve Willey, the Director of Volunteer and Community Education for Wilshire Health and Community Services will participate in a panel discussion of some important issues related to aging. They hope you will join them in this new LLCC class.

You will learn that as we age, the challenges we encounter are less and less viewed as “rites of passage” and may even carry an aura of shame or loss.

We encounter change as a hostile new territory of loved ones lost through death or distance and the possibilities of our own declining abilities and connections. However, might there also be significant grace in these losses and challenges?

The discussion between the two experts will center on how the changes we encounter as we age invite us to a “new” way of looking at our life. Please join them as they look deeply into what it can mean to be open to change, challenge, and loss as we age.

This will be a dialog between these two professionals followed by opening the discussion to the participants.

Steve Willey has been working in the healthcare and Hospice fields for more than thirty years. Currently, he is the Director of Volunteer & Community Education for Wilshire Health & Community Services. Steve has BAs in Social Sciences and Psychology, both with teaching emphasis, but feels his true education was the influence of not only his parents, but all four grandparents. More recently, his work with Hospice and passion for travel have proven to be great teachers, helping him develop a healthy relationship with challenge and change.

Dr. Loren D. Acord has been a Clinical Neuropsychologist for 37 years. He holds a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology, and a Fellow of the Academy of Clinical Psychology. He has been staff on teaching hospitals, Acute Rehabilitation Centers, and was on clinical staff of the Jewish Home for the Aged in San Francisco.

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