Using the Enneagram for Fun and Profit (and Harmony) - Kathy Bornino

Thursdays, November 10 and 17, 2022, 1pm -3pm

Odd Fellows Hall, SLO

Two Sessions

$10 for LLCC Members, $20 for others

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Have you ever wondered what kind of unconscious forces are at work in your life? An Enneagram is a tool to help individuals to identify these forces and achieve self-awareness. Kathy Bornino will walk you through the fundamentals of the Enneagram and each of its nine types so that you can better identify which type you might be and what that means for your personal and spiritual growth.

Maybe you think you’re a perfectionist, an achiever, an advocate — whatever you think you are, you can probably confirm or deny that by learning how an Enneagram works for you.

An Enneagram characterizes nine strategies that the individual uses to develop a worldview and perceive themselves and others. Basically, that’s a scientific way of saying that your personality is built around how you process the world around you and what strategies you use to do that.

It is a practical and useful personality typing system -- validated at Stanford Medical School -- that describes nine fundamentally different patterns of thinking, feeling and acting. The theory proposes that by adulthood, individuals have developed a predominant personality strategy to cope with the external environment. Each of the nine core "types" described by the Enneagram has an associated basic fear, basic desire, and predictable pattern of behavior in times of stress and security.

The Enneagram uses these basic fears and desires to describe the essential motivations underlying much of the resulting behavior. It thus captures a range of behavior for each type and is capable of providing a great deal of insight into an individual's underlying psychological wellness.

In the first meeting of this class you will discover (or confirm) your Enneagram personality type, through which you will understand more about yourself and other types, and more about the unconscious motivations from which you and others operate.

In the second meeting the class will focus on practices each Enneagram type can use to bring more peace, harmony and better health into their lives, as well as improving relationships with spouse, family, friends and co-workers or other members of groups.

Kathy Bornino has been a Psychotherapist/Marriage Family Therapist for 35 years, including teaching psychology in community college. She has facilitated community education groups in consciousness raising for 25 years, and served on the board of Central Coast Jung Society 5 years. She uses the Enneagram in her work and has taught its basic principles in community classes.

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