What to Do With the Rest of Your Life -- Andy Greensfelder

Thursdays, July 14 & 21, 2022 1:00pm - 3:00pm Odd Fellows Hall, SLO

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This is a two-session course for those of us who want to see the rest of our lives as an adventure rather than a winding down.

In an open, even playful forum we’ll help each other identify the things we’d like to do that will be more creative, fun and useful than the humdrum we may now imagine as our future. Through a series of exercises we’ll explore practical ways to move from pipedream to accomplishment.

Here’s how we’ll do it: your instructor will send you a self-questionnaire to fill out before the first session. This questionnaire is designed to identify your skills, your strengths, your goals for the next phases of your life, and the obstacles you anticipate to have.

At the first face-to-face session we’ll ponder possibilities, things we might want to add to or change in our lives. This will be a time to brainstorm, to be intuitive and holistic, to look the seemingly impossible in the eye and ask: Why Not?

During the second session we’ll turn off our creative right brain and turn on our practical left brain. What stands between me now and me then? What are the costs and benefits of realizing my newest heart’s desire? What do I need to learn, do, undo, risk? What’s my action plan and timetable? We elders are all in the same boat. Let’s help each other bloom.

Keep in mind that a change in life that appeals to you now, but seems impossible to make happen, could lead to great enjoyment in the months and years ahead. Andy has seen some examples of this that he will tell you about in the class.

Your instructor is okay with questions at any time, though she asks that you not question ahead of where we are in the process, but rather wait until the question relates to what we're working on.

This course builds on a process Andy Greensfelder used when he was 48 and cut back his law practice in order to take up writing fiction. He had already taught programming at IBM and legal writing at Washington University. Pursuing his new passion, he attended numerous workshops on writing and the creative process and studied mythology for two years at the Pacifica Graduate Institute. Several years ago Andy offered an LLCC course on Mythology.

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