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Suggest a Course Idea

Do you have a suggestion for a course you would like to see offered?

We're interested in what you're interested in! We're constantly looking for new course ideas, and for people who can present them. Do you have an idea for a new class? Do you know someone who could present a course, or could facilitate a DVD program?

Contact us at

 Be sure to answer all the questions and provide us with as much information as possible. We'll post your ideas on our website so that potential instructors can volunteer.  Potential instructors may respond by providing the information under,  About You.  If we make a match, we'll offer the course.  We would like to hear from you!

About the Class:
                Suggested Course title.
                What would the course teach?
                Why should this course be offered?
                Where should this course be offered?
                Who might teach this course?  If you know someone experienced in teaching this type of course,please provide his or her name and contact information.

About You:
It may be helpful to contact you for more information on this proposed course.  Please provide the following information.

                Primary Phone:

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