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Any views expressed by instructors, lecturers, or speakers are their own, and do not necessarily reflect the views of Lifelong Learners of the Central Coast. 


Brown Paper Ticket sales are final (no refunds) except for the first 12 hours after registration or when LLCC cancels or postpones a course for some reason.

How to Register for Courses


Registration in a course is open to everyone.  The cost of a course is dependent on the number of sessions.  For most of our courses, the cost to all member/contributors is $5 per session. You will need a password to purchase a"ticket " for a course at that rate.  We will send you a password  via email. The cost for each course session to non-member/contributors is $10 per session.


To register for a course, click on "read more" on the listing for the course on the News & Courses page, then click on "register now for this course on Brown Paper Tickets" for each course you wish to attend. All new courses are on the right column of the News & Courses page. We use Brown Paper Tickets to register people for our courses.

You can now also register for a course by calling Brown Paper Tickets at 1-800-838-3006.  You will be connected to a live agent after you press the right buttons on your phone to "buy a ticket."  Just tell the live agent which course you would like to sign up for and your password, if you have one.

Brown Paper Tickets charges a small processing cost for each course.  Some courses may have an additional cost for special circumstances (food, buses, admissions, etc.).

Please remember to have Brown Paper Tickets send you a reminder about courses you sign up for or are interested in.  You can do this when you first arrive on the BPT entry for each course. The "Remind Me" section is at the bottom right part of  the course's webpage on BPT.



21st Century World Powers--U.S., China & Russia -- John Colangelo      LLCC Great Decisions -- Florence Jones

How Christmas Became a Respectable Holiday -- Dick Miller                  Ups & Downs of Being an Air Traffic Controller -- Larry Viselli

Falling in Love with Wagner's Master Singers -- John Frey                       Federal Debt Debate -- Ron Workman


Falling in Love With Romeo & Juliet--John Frey                                         Carnegie Building & Dallidet -- Joe Carotenuti & Chuck Croster

Armchair Tour of the Universe -- Gene Kalland​                                        Tsunami -- John McCabe

Armchair Tour of the Louvre -- Felicia Brown & Judy Yager                    Pecho Coast Trail -- Paul O'Connor      

A Day With Shostakovich -- Sandy Eastman                                              San Luis Obispo Library -- Joseph Carotenuti

Better Photos with the Camera You Have -- Tom Meinhold                    Your Brain Use or Lose It -- Sonja Glassmeyer

The Founding Father You Never Knew -- Dick Miller                                Port Buchon Hike -- P. O'Connor, B. Dennen, J. Kirkhart

Travel Outside the Box -- Helen Saulsbury                                                SLO Little Theatre Adventure -- Elaine Fornier


Behind the Scenes at a B&B -- Sally Kruger                                               Introduction to Silk Painting -- Stephany Andrews


Shakespeare & the Law -- George Frisch                                                    Intertidal Organisms -- Jerry Kirkhart


Oceanography -- Gene Kalland                                                                    Memories of My Late Father -- Victor Montalban


Rancho Nipomo-Dana Adobe -- Helen Daurio                                           A Day With Haydn & Strauss -- Sandy Eastman


Music of Andrew Lloyd Webber -- John Frey                                              Getting Started With Microsoft Excel -- Ron Workman


Tortoises & Turtles From Around the World -- Bob & Judy Thomas       The Enlightenment -- Dick Jackson


What Happened To Pluto? -- Joseph Carro                                                  Birdwatching at Oso Flaco -- Tom & Owen Slater


Pismo Beach Geology Revealed -- Lyle Yager                                             Practical Spirituality -- Robert Sachs


From the U2 to Drones-Surveillance Aircraft -- Bruce Wright                   Orchestra 101 -- Sandy Eastman


A Day with Prokofiev and Tchaikovsky -- Sandy Eastman                         Another  SLO Little Theatre Adventure -- Elaine Fornier


Creative Writing From Your Right Brain -- Evelyn Cole                              What in the World is Going On? -- John Colangelo


Writing Your Life Story -- Terri Bayus                                                            A Day With Golijov and Brahms -- Sandy Eastman


Who is Hamlet -- George Frisch                                                                     Butterfly Characteristics  -- Peggy Coon


The Future of the Hybrid Airships -- Bruce Wright                                     Unleash the Power of Your Mind -- Barbara Lane


Spanish For Travelers -- Joseph Carro                                                          Space Junk -- What is it?  Why Do We Care? -- Dr. Kira Abercromby


Getting to Know Rodgers & Hammerstein -- John Frey                             Gaining Insights From Our Dreams -- Josephine Laing


Digital Portraits, from Click to Print -- Tom Meinhold                                A Day With Rachmaninoff, Barber & Bartok -- Sandy Eastman


QiGong Information and Workshop -- Nisa King                                        To Frack or Not to Frack--That is the Question -- Dr. David Chipping


The Latest Word on Amelia Earhart -- Nancy Farrell                                  Outcroppings: Central Coast Historical Clues -- Dick Miller


Cozying Up to Calculus -- Dick Jackson                                                         Dealing With Climate Change -- Dr. Ray Weyman


Demystifying Communication -- Rudy Xavier                                              A Day With Debussy & Holst -- Sandy Eastman


Ten Minute University -- Asta Hamann                                                        Generational  Communication -- Rudy Xavier


The Owens Valley and the Los Angeles Aqueduct -- Alex Beattie            A Look Inside North Korea's People, Culture & Life -- Geo Pecci


Healthy Cooking for One or Two -- Debbie Duggan                                   Coping With Dementia -- Rudy Xavier


Sustainable Wine Grape Growing Practices -- Jean-Pierre Wolff              How to Talk to Animals -- Suzan Vaughn


Leaning Pine Arboretum Tour at Cal Poly -- Chris Wassenberg                A Day with Beethoven and Stravinsky -- Sandy Eastman


How Many Producers Does It Take to Make a Movie -- Paul Lichtmann   Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine -- Dr. Herb Kandel


How Do We Know What We Know? -- Kathy Bornino                                 Benefit From Personalized Medications -- Dr. John Headding


Tour of the Point San Luis Lighthouse                                                          The War to End All Wars--How Did it Happen? - John Colangelo


Edward Gardner Lewis and Atascadero -- Lon Allen                                   Mathematics & Islam -- Cooperation and Peace  -- Pat McKeague


I Hear America Singing -- Bill Weatherford & Dick Miller                            Falling in Love With 20th Century Opera -- John Frey


Life After Life, An Exploration  -- Josephing Laing                                         Fall Prevention and Fire Safety for Seniors -- Joyce Pardue


How To Feed Your Friends And Not Your Frenzy -- Evelyn Cole                 Another Ten Minute University -- Marianne Buckmeyer


Fun and Easy Bridge for Beginners - Torre Houlgate-West                         Prelude to the SLO Symphony Season -- Sandy Eastman


Evolution of Life on Earth--Its Major Transitions -- Gene Kalland              A Day with Tchaikovsky and The Red Violin -- Sandy Eastman


A Tour of Vandenberg AFB Space Launch Complex -- Jay Prichard           Flowers Took Me There -- Bob Gordon


The Tragedy of Macbeth -- George Frisch                                                      Why Do We Call White People Caucasians? -- Dick Miller


A Day With Mozart & Nielsen -- Sandy Eastman                                           Self-Publishing--the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly -- Felicia Brown


Quick Holiday Entertaining -- Debbie Duggan                                               A Spiritual Side to Mathematics? -- Pat McKeague


Sneaking Up: The Evolution of Stealth Aircraft -- Bruce Wright                  Tapping Into Health and Happiness -- Nisa King


A Backstage Tour of the PAC -- Clif Swanson                                                 Great Discussions 2015 -- Paul Worsham


One Year to Live -- Kris Kington-Barker                                                          Which Thousand Words?  Reading Old Photographs -- Dick Miller


A Day With Berlioz Bartok & Bloch Viola! Viola! -- Sandy Eastman             The County Grand Jury -- E. Polinsky, D Schlitz & Ron Trayner



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