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Discover new ideas and subjects to love in courses starting soon


Be part of a learning community insatiably curious about the world


Volunteer Opportunities -- please contact us if you are interested

We need people to help facilitate courses.  Each instructor would appreciate having an assistant to help them make the course go more smoothly.  

Please review the Course Host Basic Duties below to get a better understanding of what you would have to do as a volunteer doing this job. Click on "1. Course Host Basic Duties" and the Word document will open in a new window.

If you are willing to help by doing this volunteer job, please go to "Contact Us" and send us a message.

Also below are important information documents that hosts may download for assistance in doing the great jobs they do.  

Click on the title of the document below that you would like to download. The document should open in a new window or download the appropriate document for you to fill out and print yourself.


LLCC is currently seeking instructors to teach courses and workshops in a wide variety of areas, including art, foreign language, history, current events, science, international affairs, government and politics, philosophy and the social sciences just to name a few.

LLCC offers instructors an opportunity to teach adult learners who have a passion for

learning and a curiosity about many things. At LLCC there are no grades, no credit,

no tests--just the pleasure of sharing your knowledge and experience with those who

greatly appreciate that gift. These unique students  will truly appreciate your course

and your expertise.


Course scheduling is flexible. A course could meet, e.g., once per week for two to six

weeks, one to two hours per class. You may also choose to offer a single lecture on

a compelling topic. 

Instructing for LLCC is strictly on a volunteer basis.   

If you are interested in being an instructor, please download the Course Proposal Form here  (follow the directions your computer gives you after clicking on the document). Send your completed course proposal form to the email address shown on the form.


We also need people to help instructors  who need to use audio-visual  equipment in his or her presentation and would appreciate having an

A-V assistant to help them make the course go more smoothly.

If you are willing to help do this volunteer job, please go to "contact us" and send us a message. We will send you a "postition description" for this job. Your fellow participants will appreciate it. Thank you!

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