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Jeff Green

Jeff Green is the major architect and guiding light of  LLCC. He headed a small group of dedicated volunteers to recreate the organization we enjoy today. Using his past experiences with Osher Lifelong Learning Institute of Cal Poly as chair of the curriculum committee and later President of the Board, he led the efforts that resulted in the creation of LLCC. He served as president, beginning in 2012, until December of 2024. More than a president, he was the website manager and editor, member of the curriculum committee, business consultant and the historian for his beloved LLCC. A citizen of the county since 2000, Jeff came to us from Washington, D.C where he held a number of positions in the U.S. Treasury Department. 


Gail Hill

Without a Gail Hill, there would not be a Jeff Green, nor an LLCC. Together with her husband, Jeff, Gail is a founding member of the Lifelong Learners of the Central Coast. She was Chair of the Curriculum Committee for both LLCC and the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at Cal Poly, served on the Board of the San Luis Obispo Historical Society, and served on the San Luis Obispo County Grand Jury. An East Coast native, she received her BA in Marketing from Fairleigh Dickinson U. and MA in Business and Education from the University of Florida. She is retired from a career in Human Resources Management with the U.S. Federal Government. Working at several Federal agencies, she held a variety of positions including Human Resources Director and EEO Manager.


In Memoriam:
Connie Thomas

A vital reason for the success of LLCC was its past venues manager, Connie Thomas. She worked tirelessly and diplomatically to insure that our many instructors had the ideal environments for their courses. Dozens of venues were made available through the expertise that Connie possessed in negotiating their availability. Connie was a registered nurse (student nurse of the year for the state of Massachusetts- she never shared the year) with a master's degree in public administration. After dedicating a few years to in-patient psychiatric nursing, Connie did an about-face and made a career of medical data management and profiling. She worked in hospitals as well as the USC School of Medicine, Postgraduate Division. We lost Connie in 2023.


In Memoriam:
Rudy Xavier

Rudy Xavier brought to LLCC a unique combination of teaching, business analytics, and marketing experience from over 20 years at high-tech software companies from Digital Equipment Corporation and Honeywell Information Systems, to Xerox. Rudy served LLCC as a board member, marketing manager and instructor. He was a highly sought consultant to the top ten drug companies in the clinical trials space and taught at the university level at Georgia Tech. A multi-talented and multi-faceted individual, Rudy sang lead in the Gold Coast Barbershop Chorus, led the 5 Cities Folk Jam Group,  and played folk and classical guitar. He also led discussions as a speaker for 10 years in the management of memory loss as a Bay Area Facilitator for the Alzheimer's Association. His LLCC course "Coping with Dementia" was offered many times as was "Demystifying Your Home Computer" Rudy Xavier passed away in 2021.

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